During the Phylariane project, HOGENOM gene families were analyzed by reconciliation algorithms. This page allows you to query HOGENOM families according to a pattern of evolution you're looking for that can involve transfers, duplications, losses and speciations. The pattern is designed in a graphical way.

  1. select a databank according to the reconciliation program and species subset you want to focus on.
  2. Then, successively add taxa you want to consider in the species tree. The program will draw their phylogeny according to the topology of the current the species tree.
  3. Then select events on the bottom panel to shape the pattern of events you're looking for in the reconciliations. For instance, click on add transfer then first select a gene branch and then a species branch. Losses and duplications concern only gene branches. If you misplaced some event, just reload the page and start again.
  4. Last, a click on Execute query will display the list of HOGENOM families that match your query.

Taxa of the species tree
Topology of the gene tree
Add duplication
Add transfer
Add loss
No duplication
No transfer

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